Brazilian star Ronaldinho to retire officially To Be A Politician In Brazil

Brazilian star Ronaldinho to retire officially To Be  A Politician In Brazil
    Brazilian star Ronaldinho to retire officially To Be  A Politician In Brazil
    Brazilian star Ronaldinho to retire officially To Be  A Politician In Brazil: Ronaldinho's talent has been said and written. There are, however, no votes that if the Brazilian were a bit more involved in training and harder working, he could stay on top for a long time. 

    He gave up professional football only now, but looking at his last years of the game, you can say that the end came much earlier.

    Will Ronaldinho enter the world of politics?

    The end of the best Ronaldinho game was in 2010, the penultimate season in the colors of Milan. He became the best assistant in Serie A, scoring an additional 15 goals. Most fans remember especially the doublet against Juventus.

    The next games were not so successful. The 31-year-old player for half the season ran to the field 16 times, scoring only one goal. The crisis of the Brazilian's form was so big that there was no room for him in Milan. In January he had to look around for a new club.

    In the rhythm of flamenco

    Brazilian star Ronaldinho to retire officially To Be  A Politician In Brazil
    He was associated with such teams as Blackburn Rovers and Los Angeles Galaxy. Some experts also announced his return to Gremio, where he began his football career. Ronaldinho actually chose Brazil, but decided to transfer to Flamengo.

    He started very well - from triumph in Taca Guanabara, winning two goals on aggregate with Boavista. One of them was of extraordinary beauty. Ronaldinho presented what he stood out for years on European pitches - a precise shot from a free kick.

    On July 27, he showed another piece of great talent. Flamengo lost to Santose 0: 3 after 30 minutes of the match. Ronaldinho, however, led his team to 5: 4 triumph, doing the loss and scoring three goals himself.

    Farewell to the club took less than a year later. The footballer did not appear for training for several days, and later accused the authorities that he had not paid him a salary for four months. For this reason, he decided to terminate the contract by finding a new club after a few days.

    A glimmer of form

    Brazilian star Ronaldinho to retire officially To Be  A Politician In Brazil
    With Atletico Mineiro, he signed a semi-annual contract. Number 10 was already occupied by Guilherme, so he chose 49 in homage to his mother, who was born in 1949. He scored his first goal on July 23 with a penalty kick in a meeting against Nautico.

    It was a very good time for the team and the player himself. Atletico finished the season in second place and qualified for Copa Libertadores. Ronaldinho was elected the best league player.

    The range of successes did not end in the next competitions. The club triumphed in Campeonato Mineiro, and also for the first time in history, reached for the best club in South America. The victory, however, was not easy. After the first semi-final match, Atletico lost 0-0 to Newell's Old Boys, but managed to make up for the loss in the rematch and triumph after the penalty shoot-out. The same situation took place in the final with Paraguay Olympia. After the tie on the aggregate, a series of "elevens" was needed to decide.

    A good game resulted in the title of the best player in South America, but in 2014 he again terminated the contract - this time with the agreement of the parties.

    Bad beginning

    Brazilian star Ronaldinho to retire officially To Be  A Politician In Brazil
    As a player without a contract, Ronaldinho had several unusual offers, including a new club in the Indian league - Chennai Titans. He decided, however, to sign a contract with Mexican Queretaro. This time, the first days in the team were not as successful as in previous clubs. In his debut, the Brazilian missed a penalty.

    With time, however, it was getting better. A former Barcelona player managed to enter the team into the semi-final of the playoff phase of the Mexican league. Earlier, he received a standing ovation at Azteca Stadium, where Queretaro played with America. The match ended with a 4-0 score for guests, and Ronaldinho scored two goals.

    - I had an ovation at Bernabeu, now here. I never imagined it would happen. All this makes me feel even more at home in Mexico - said the footballer.

    These words - as it turned out a month and a half later - were not entirely true. Ronaldinho announced in June 2015 that he was leaving the club. - You will always be in my heart. I was proud to wear a shirt of your club and defend its colors, he said, thanking the supporters for support.

    A wizard without a book of spells

    Brazilian star Ronaldinho to retire officially To Be  A Politician In Brazil
    The last return to the Brazilian league fell on July 11, 2015. Ronaldinho wanted to prove once again that he can still charm and stand out on the pitch. He signed an 18-month contract with Fluminense, but in September he decided to solve it.

    He appeared in only nine games and during this time he failed to impress fans. He was very criticized by them, which meant that he did not want to appear on the pitch anymore.

    - The player told us that he is not able to present the right level and feel bad about it. We did not talk about his career ending. In the case of a footballer of such caliber, it is difficult to talk about it. He was always spectacular - as a player and a man - said the sports director of the club, Mario Bitten court.

    For the last two years Ronaldinho presented himself only in charity and show games. He took part, among others in Clasico, where the legends of Barcelona and Real Madrid played. The Catalan club won 3-2, and the Brazilian assisted with all hits of his team.

    For a time the footballer still hoped that he would be able to find employment. - If a club wants me without training, I am able to play football - he said in an interview with The Independent. However, they were not willing to appear, so he decided to end his football career - with a smile that accompanied him throughout the whole adventure with football.
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