Dates of the Egyptian presidential elections 2018 inside and outside Egypt
The National Electoral Commission, headed by Chancellor Lashin Ibrahim, recently announced the timetable for the presidential elections, which includes all the dates related to the electoral process, starting with the opening of the candidature, calling voters to vote at home and abroad and ending with the announcement of results.

The president of the National Elections Commission confirmed that the decision was issued after reviewing the constitution to organize the presidential elections on the national electoral authority. He decided that voters whose names are listed on the voter database are required to cast their votes at the sub-committees' headquarters. The elections are held outside Egypt on Friday, , 17 and 18 March, and inside Egypt, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 26, 27 and 28 March.

Lashin added that in the event of re-election, the elections will be held outside Egypt on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, April 19-21, and inside Egypt on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, April 24-25, 26, April 2018.

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