Do you want to work in a profitable business? Execute the demands of the wealthy
With the help of their vast global knowledge network and their knowledge of each country's secrets and speed of their own, the personal helpers of the rich can achieve the impossible, but of course, for large sums of money. 

Jacqueline Siena, India, founder of Siena Charles, the organization of lavish tours, says a client's refusal to meet her may destroy her company, according to bbc. Siena can meet several requests at the same time, although these requests may seem impossible. 

Her clients may ask her to reserve the hotel's signature rooms, which may be reserved for months, or coordinate face-to-face shopping with top fashion designers in France. "If I have to take a plane to make a reservation myself or jump in a taxi to talk to someone, I will do it without hesitation," Siena said. 

On one occasion, Siena organized a trip to Ethiopia by former US President George W. Bush, and brought in personal bags of alcohol-free beer and peanut butter to make sure the president would get the snack he prefers while traveling. Of course, it helps her to meet the abundant money that customers put at her disposal. 

"Nothing is impossible as long as you have the money," Siena says. Apart from India, there are many other companies that offer lifestyle management services and personal assistance to the wealthy, and this has recently become popular. 

The cost of the services offered by these companies is much higher than the cost of their counterparts in the booking companies and the usual parties. 

Membership rates start at about £ 5,000 per year for the lowest membership category, "the permanent member of the company", and up to 15,000 pounds for the elite category. The prices of customized services vary according to the customer's request, but companies have refused to disclose how high the prices of these services are. 

After the proliferation of luxury tourism companies, everything seems to be possible, as long as I can save enough money.

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