Egypt to cancel its participation in the exhibition "EMITT" in Turkey  January 2018
The Tourism Promotion Authority decided to cancel the participation of the Egyptian pavilion in the tourist exhibition "EMITT" which is scheduled to be held in the Turkish city of Istanbul from January 25 to 28, following the refusal of Egyptian tourism companies and hotels to participate in the exhibition.

An official source in the Tourism Promotion Authority said in a statement that the cancellation decision came at the request of Egyptian companies and hotels, which refused to participate because of Egypt's objection to the Turkish government's support for terrorism. Participation, and was addressed to the company organizing the exhibition not to participate Egypt this year.

This comes as sources confirmed that the cancellation decision was issued due to the political tensions witnessed by the two countries against the background of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan's remarks and his involvement in Egyptian affairs and his involvement in the financing of terrorism.

The Tourism Promotion Authority informed the Chamber of Tourism Companies that it will participate in the events of the exhibition to be held in Istanbul. The value of participation in the Egyptian pavilion is 2500 Euros.

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