Electricity is cut off throughout Sudan
The National Control Center of the National Grid for Electricity, in a statement carried by the "Sudan Tribune", "a complete shutdown of the network," and noted that "are conducting network restoration and linking of power plants, and will return electricity gradually."

And linked the Sudanese site between the pieces and a speech was delivered by President Omar al-Bashir, and was transmitted on air in satellite and radio. Subsequently, the spokesman for the Ministry of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity Mohammed Abdul Rahim Gawish that the current began to return to areas in Khartoum.

Public fire cases of the national network occur from time to time, and in February last year most of the Sudanese cities were fully extinguished due to power outages due to breakdowns, some units were removed by the automatic protection system. The disruption comes amid protests in Sudan over rising bread prices and the government's cancellation of subsidies.

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