Inter Milan vs Roma Live Streaming online Today 21.1.2018 Italy - Serie A
Inter Milan vs Roma Live Streaming online Today 21.1.2018 Italy - Serie A, The central match of this round of Serie A will be a confrontation in Milan, where the "Inter" and "Roma" converge. Before the winter break, both teams gave up sharply and seriously weakened their positions. Who was able to draw the right conclusions?


Very powerful began the season, "Inter", and at some point even it seemed that the Milanese will be able to impose a fight for the Scudetto. In early December, the team of Luciano Spallletti even came out on top, ahead of "Napoli" and "Juventus". But now only neradzurri third, and for lost points, "Lazio" and completely surpasses the opponent.

The reason for this - a serious crisis, which overtook the team in the last month before the break. Given the Italian Cup, Nerazzurri can not win seven fights in a row. There were losses in that segment from Udinese (1: 3) and Sassuolo (0: 1), shared points with Fiorentina (1: 1) and Lazio (0-0), and there was a flight from the Cup in the derby with "Milan

Of the serious losses among the Milanese can be identified the possible lack of a defender of Miranda, from the transfer news - with the right to buy out leased Lisandro Lopez at Benfica and Rafinha in Barcelona.


The Romans traditionally are among the top favorites of the season, in this scenario everything went on until the beginning of winter. Roman "wolves", as well as Milanese, comprehended the real game crisis, which led to the fact that now the team is only on the fifth line. Even taking into account the game in reserve to win back from "Napoli" 12 points will be almost impossible.

For the last six games, only one victory over Cagliari (0-1) came to the "Roma" piggy bank, the losses were from "Juventus" (0: 1) and "Atalanta" (1: 2) in the championship, as well as from " Torino "(1: 2) in the Cup of Italy. The situation is quite unpleasant, but even so, the competitors in the struggle for the top three do not play much better.

The composition of the fear only causes a possible lack of De Rossi, serious purchases in the winter window was not, but the loss of Ningolland, who is going to China, can be a serious blow

Inter Milan vs Roma 1:1

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