Nour Al Tamimi: The arrest increased my interest in resisting the occupation
A cousin of the daughter of Ahd al-Tamimi, she said she had been subjected to harsh interrogation, which lasted about 21 hours continuously.

Nour al-Tamimi, a 21-year-old cousin of Ahd al-Tamimi, said her arrest by the Israeli army increased her interest in resisting the occupation to gain the rights of her people in an independent Palestinian state.

"The Israeli army arrested me at 2 am. I was checked and transferred to the Binyamin investigation center east of Ramallah," she said from her home in the town of Nabi Saleh, west of Ramallah.

"I was subjected to harsh interrogation, which lasted about 21 hours continuously, and was threatened by the interrogators, tried to withdraw confessions from me and to record a voice without my knowledge."

She pointed out that she will remain with the people of her town (Prophet Saleh) resist occupation. "We did not go to the army, they are coming to our town and our village," she said.

She explained that she spent the period of detention in Hasharon prison in central Israel, accompanied by her cousin Ehd, pointing out that he was entrusted with high morale.

Earlier on Friday, the Israeli authorities released Tamimi on bail.

The Ofer military court on Thursday rejected an appeal by the Military Prosecution for a decision to release Nour.

Last Monday, the court accepted Nour's release on bail of NIS 5,000 and on bail of her lawyer, and gave the Public Prosecution 20 hours to appeal.

On Tuesday, the Israeli military prosecution appealed the decision to release Nur, which was rejected by the court yesterday.

The Ofer military court on Monday extended the detention of the child, Ahd al-Tamimi, and her mother, Nariman, 40, who were charged with the same Nour case for 8 days for "completing the investigation."

On December 19, Israeli forces arrested Ahed, after a video clip appeared showing her expelling two Israeli soldiers from her yard in the village of Nabi Saleh, north of Ramallah.

The video clip showed a soldier kicking her hand to slap his face without reaching him. This angered those who followed the scene in Israel, who considered it an insult to their army.

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has vowed to arrest and punish the Palestinian girl and punish anyone who appeared with her in the video while resisting his soldiers.

Indeed, a large force arrested a house from her house before her mother Nariman was arrested the same day while trying to visit her daughter.

On the second day, December 20, Israeli forces arrested Noor for appearing in the same video clip, which is resisting Israeli forces.

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