Real Madrid planning to recruit Liverpool star, Mohamed Salah
After watching the £ 142m Coutinho deal, Real Madrid bosses were restless and planned to recruit another Liverpool star, Mohamed Salah, to increase his competitiveness.

The Royal team is currently playing in the La Liga boxing tournament ranked fourth in the table, less rival Barcelona to 16 points.

The opportunity to defend the championship of Real is shrinking, especially after Coutinho block bomb hits the Nou Camp for a huge fee.

Los Blancos also wants to return with a famous Galaticos star. Real believes Salah is the one who can save the season for them.

The Egyptian striker has performed exceptionally well since moving to Anfield, scoring 24 goals at the club level as well as the national team.

According to journalist Gianluca Di Marzio, Real hope to lure Salah to the Bernabeu. However, coach Jurgen Klopp did not want to sell another attacking star, especially when Liverpool lost Coutinho.

In a recent interview, Zidane admitted that he wanted to increase the number of staff in the winter to revive the Royal team.

Ronaldo and Benzema have lost their way, while Bale is still struggling with injuries.

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