Residents of the Earth on January 31 will watch the bloody super moon
Scientists announced the first in 2018 a lunar eclipse - "the bloody moon" at the moment of the closest approach of the Earth and the Moon, which will occur on January 31. This is reported by

According to scientists, this day it will be possible to observe the "blood moon" simultaneously with its total eclipse, which will happen for the first time in the last 152 years. After that, the bloody super moon will be seen more often - specialists also refer to the dates on December 31, 2028 and January 31, 2037.

The first bloody super moon can be observed by the inhabitants of the western coast of the United States, and from the beginning to the end the phenomenon will be seen only by the inhabitants of the island of Hawaii, eastern Alaska and northwest Canada.

A clear eclipse will also be seen in Australia, New Zealand, East and Central Asia. Residents of Eastern Europe and the Middle East will see a bloody super moon, already when the Earth's satellite is high enough in the sky.

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