Rohingya murder: Amnesty asks for unofficial confession

Rohingya murder: Amnesty asks for unofficial confession
    Rohingya murder: Amnesty asks for unofficial confession
    10 International human rights organization Amnesty International has called for an independent investigation after the confession of Myanmar army for the first time since the army is involved in the killing of Rohingya Muslims.

    In December last year, a law enforcers found a mass grave in Maungdaw in Din village of Rakhine province. At least 10 Rohingyas were rescued from there; There are still questions about that.

    In a statement on Wednesday on the Facebook page of Myanmar army chief Min Aung Hailing, it said: "The soldiers and local villagers were involved in the killing of Bengali terrorists. Legal action will be taken against them. "

    Myanmar calls for the oppressed minority Rohingya Muslims as Bengali They are not recognized as ethnic minority groups in the country.

    As part of the campaign against minority groups, Myanmar refused to give citizenship to peaceful Rohingya, including terrorism. Although the allegations of persecution have been denied for several months, the Myanmar military statement on Wednesday brought unprecedented unprecedented confessions of army involvement in the killing of Rohingya.

    Myanmar has repeatedly denied allegations of crimes against humanity and crimes against humanity in Rohingya. Besides, the country's government did not allow United Investigative Officers and journalists to enter Rakhine in violation of violence.

    London-based international human rights organization Amnesty says, "Myanmar army has confessed that the allegations related to the Rohingya assassination are positive. But it is only a piece of big crime. '

    James Gomes, Amnesty International's South-East Asian Regional Director, said it was just a partial figure of large size crime. One kind of alert for independent investigations of other brutal crimes committed during racial abuse campaigns. Because of this operation, more than six and a half million Rohingyas fled from Rakhine to Bangladesh since August this year.

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