Russia developing a new anti-aircraft system Against cruise missiles and aircraft
Russia developing a new anti-aircraft system Against cruise missiles and aircraft, The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation told what purpose the complex is designed for and what its features.

A new air defense system is being developed for the Russian Ground Forces, which will replace the anti-aircraft self-propelled unit "Shilka". This was reported to the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

The military told us what new weapons will be used for.

"This complex is designed to destroy air targets such as tactical unmanned aerial vehicles, single rocket launchers, cruise missiles, strike elements of high precision weapons and tactical aviation aircraft, fire support helicopters, as well as surface and surface lightly armored targets. a small radioisimetry, achieved through the use of passive means of reconnaissance, detection and tracking of air targets, "the department said and added It revealed that the complex will replace the Russian troops "Shilka".

As noted by the Russian military, Russian army units will start receiving new complexes this year.

Recall that in 2016 in the media there was information about the development in Russia of a new type of weapons that would hit the enemy with directed energy without the use of traditional ammunition.

Already in September 2017, it became known that Russia was developing a new state-of-the-art weapon, which would be without shells and would not bring destruction. Secret weapons can inflict complete electronic damage to enemy military equipment.

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