Russian Defense: Drones that attacked the Hmeimim air base are only available for US
Moscow,  Ministry of Defense of Russia said in a statement that the technology used in the attack with "drones" against the air base of Hmeimim in the city of Tartus "is only available to the States."

In a response to the statements of spokesman of the Department of Defense of the United States, Adrian Rankin-Galloway, quein affirmed that the drones used in the attack are sold in the markets and can be obtained easily, the Russian ministry commented in a statement that Galloway's statements increased Moscow's suspicions about US involvement in the attack.

He added after checking the 6 unmanned aircraft used in the attack it is clear that the terrorists used such unmanned aircraft intensively for the first time and were launched from a distance of 50km, noting that the terrorists used the US GPS to guide your unmanned aircraft.

He added that the launch area has been detected and that terrorists can launch attacks using drones from a distance of 100kms.

The Ministry indicated that all the aircraft used in the attack were launched at the same moment after loading them with detonators manufactured abroad, and were equipped with remote controls.

On January 8, the Russian Ministry of Defense warned that the terrorist organization Daesh can launch attacks with military drones around the world.

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