Rwanda vs Libya Live Streaming online Today 23.1.2018 CHAN
Rwanda vs Libya Live Streaming online Today 23.1.2018 CHAN, Rwanda will meet Libya on Tuesday 23-1-2018 at the Ibn Battuta Stadium in Morocco at 9 pm in the African Group Championship.

Libya vs Rwanda match at the 2018 African Championships 2018 (CHAN 2018 in Morocco) 

The Tangier Grand Stadium in the Moroccan city of Tangier is hosting a match between the Mediterranean Knights of Libya and Rwanda in the third match of the two teams. Libya, which won the title in the first round of Equatorial Guinea and lost to Nigeria in the last round, is looking for a second victory. The quarter-finals are a big game expected as part of the group stage matches at the 2018 African National Championships.

The match will be held at 7:00 p.m. (0900 GMT), the match between Libya and Rwanda led by a referee team led by Moroccan referee Noureddine Jaafari. The third and final round of the African Cup of Nations matches continues for the third day in a row, On Sunday with Group B and Group B matches on Monday. Libya face Rwanda in Group C matches, both of which are held at the same time, before the Group D match ends tomorrow. For the latter.

Rwanda vs Libya 0:1

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