Saudi citizen's account was deposited today at 2.1 billion riyals for the month of January
Saudi citizen's account was deposited today at 2.1 billion riyals for the month of January, The figures showed that 50% of households and individuals were entitled to a full maturity of SR 935 as average support per family in the second installment of the citizen's account, which included approximately 3 million families and an independent individual, and 7.9 million Of households with a total of 11 million beneficiaries.

The director of the program, that 800 thousand families received support exceeded 900 riyals, while 26% of the beneficiaries received partial support.

Rajhi pointed out that the total value of the subsidy deposited in the accounts of beneficiaries from the account of citizens in the first and second payments amounted to the barrier of 4 billion riyals, pointing out that the third installment of the value of support will be deposited in the accounts of the beneficiaries on the tenth of next February, Completed their applications before the tenth of January.

The Citizen Account Program is designed to mitigate the direct and indirect effects of economic reforms on eligible Saudi households. The value of subsidy includes increased changes in fuel and electricity prices after correction, as well as the impact of value added on food and beverages.

It is noted that the day of disbursement of support payments in the citizen's account has been determined on the tenth of each calendar month unless it corresponds to the two days of the weekend, where the deposit in those cases either Thursday if the event happened on Friday, or Sunday in the event that the merit on Sat.

In order to manage the citizen's account program to ensure the highest level of justice in providing support, it allowed the receipt of complaints on the result of monetary benefit after 5 days from the deposit of funds, by raising a complaint request from the accounts of beneficiaries on the portal which enables Who are also registered to recognize eligibility status through their access to their accounts.

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