Slovenia vs Serbia Live Streaming online Today 30.1.2018 Futsal
On the first day of play, this pair looks more attractive. There is expected a more equal fight and a tense game. Favorite team put Slovenia. In many respects due to the status of the hosts of the tournament (the Serbs should understand this well, on the last home for themselves the Euro managed to reach the semi-final - the highest point in their history). 

And in the friendly matches Slovenes looked not so bad. For example, against the background of a very bright Portugal showed a good game, even if they lost twice in two balls. But the Serbs in the last friendly game played well, giving way to the Slovaks 0: 6. But this is just a commodity, and the selection of the Serbs were fairly confident, except that the playoffs in the strained struggle were Czechs.

Anyway, Slovenia, as a favorite of this pair, I do not perceive. I am convinced that the Serbs are stronger. The factor of home stands can also not matter much, not so long ago it was one country at all. In general, I put against the owners-X2 with the coefficient. 1.81 (Marathon).

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