Sushant Singh Rajput's Admitted Fineness Cream Ad, 15 Crore Offered
For some time in Bollywood, I have raised a voice against many other stars against Fairness creams. There are many such stars who refuse to work in the add-on cream additives. Now a new name has been added to this list.

According to reports, MS Dhoni: The Untold Story star has rejected a project of 15 crores for this reason because he does not want to promote any fairness cream.

According to a newspaper, Sushant does not want to add to any product that he does not trust. That's why as soon as they got an offer, they happily returned it. Sushant feels that many people consider him as his model. That is why they should consider endless thinking of those products which they would use themselves too.

Explain that the product offered to Sushant was a 3 year deal and he had to shoot 6 ads.

But Sushant said, "Being a responsible actor, we have the responsibility to not give any wrong information to our fans. We should never encourage any product that proves the color of a skin better than the other. do."

Prior to Sushant Abhay Deol, with the help of some posts on Facebook, was very bad for all the products and artists who work in white-collar advertisements. He also told Shahrukh Khan a lot of bad luck.

Kangana Ranaut is also an actress who is upset with the endorsement of the white-collar creams. In an interview he said that our country is full of beautiful people, yet we are crazy for white color. At the same time, he had embarrassed actors who promote such products.

Many actors like Hindi film actors like Shahrukh Khan, Yami Gautam, Aliya Bhatt and John Abraham are advertised with cream-enhancing creams other than these artists.

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