Thailand Phi Phi Island speed boat fire exploded more than Chinese tourists were injured
Thailand Phi Phi Island Police told Reuters that a speedboat carrying 31 passengers exploded on Phi Phi Island on Sunday (January 14) and was fiercely wounded, injuring 16 people, mostly China tourist. 

It has also been reported that one person has been killed and five Chinese tourists were seriously injured.

Police confirmed that the cruiser named "King Poseido" was carrying 27 Chinese tourists at the time and traveling from the nearby Phuket resort to Phi Phi Island. Unfortunately, an accident happened. The speedboat engine exploded on fire and killed 14 tourists and two crew members. Authorities are investigating the cause of the explosion.

Phuket Gazette reported that there were 5 Thai crew members and 26 Chinese tourists on board, including 23 adults and 3 children.

According to Taiwan's "Liberty Times", it was reported that the accident resulted in the death of one Thai resident, the death of the Thai captain and five Chinese tourists, and the minor wounding of 10 people. Nine of them were discharged from the hospital.

"Liberty Times" also said that the speedboat on the way due to a fire explosion, the crew urgently directed tourists to wear life jackets diving.

South Thailand's beach resorts and islands are the country's major tourist attractions, with November to March being the area's tourist season.

Tourism accounts for about 12% of the income of Southeast Asia's second-largest economy and is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the country.

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Thailand predicts that the country will welcome 37 million to 38 million tourists in 2018. Last year's visitor volume was 35 million, while Chinese tourists accounted for 10 million.

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