The H3N2 flu virus rages on the severity of the United States, Europe and China

The H3N2 flu virus rages on the severity of the United States, Europe and China
    The H3N2 flu virus rages on the severity of the United States, Europe and China
    According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the H3N2 influenza virus is rapidly spreading throughout the United States, and outbreaks have occurred in 46 states. In the meantime, severe flu outbreaks have also erupted in Europe and mainland China. Cause people panic, fear that human beings may face catastrophe.

    H3N2 flu is a type of influenza A, also known as "flu in Australia". At least 170,000 people were infected during the earlier winter of Australia last year, nearly two and a half times the previous year, killing at least 72 people. The symptoms caused by H3N2 are more severe than those with normal flu, including high fever, diarrhea or stomach pain, and nausea and vomiting.

    H3N2 flu first swept through the United States

    According to the CDC Friday (January 12) released the weekly Flu, except Hawaii and the District of Columbia, the other states have a pandemic. Dr Daniel Jernigan, director of the CDC, said at a press conference on Friday that the data from more than 2,000 outpatient clinics in the United States show that the number of flu visits has increased rapidly, indicating that the spread of influenza has reached its peak.

    This is the first time that the center has monitored the flu for the first time in 13 years in the United States and reached the level of "widespread communication" for the first time in the United States.

    He said: "The flu now spreads all over the United States. This is the first time for the entire United States that the outbreak of the flu has started at the same time. Although it is only the beginning of the flu season, it seems to have peaked. The number of confirmed labs in this week was up by 5.8% . "

    During the week ended January 6, 11,718 new cases of influenza were diagnosed in the laboratory. A total of 60,161 cases were reported. These figures do not represent any people who have flu-like flu because many people do not see a doctor even if they are sick. In addition, the number of flu-dead children newly added by the age of 5 was 7 this week, bringing the number of children killed by flu this winter to 20.

    In addition, during the week ended January 6, 22.7 people out of every 100,000 people in the country were hospitalized with flu, and as of December 30 last year, 13.7 were hospitalized for every 100,000 people. People over 65 years of age are the most hospitalized, and people aged 50-64 and children under 5 are also hospitalized.

    Gennigan said that this year's outbreak of H3N2 will lead to higher hospitalizations and deaths, and the vaccine is also less effective. In his opinion, the effectiveness of this season's vaccine may be only about 30%.

    Jenigan predicted that the impact of the H3N2 flu outbreak on the United States might be worse than the flu from 2012 to 2013, when about 56,000 people died of the flu.

    British blowout flu is the worst in 50 years

    Flu was also reported in Britain. Yorkshire was the hardest hit, with an average of 104.2 cases per 100,000 people. About 85 people are known to have died of the flu and about 5,000 are admitted to the hospital. This is a serious flu epidemic in the past 50 years.

    Figures show that so far 1938 people are hospitalized in the UK, nearly half infected with influenza B (Yamagata), commonly known as Japanese flu. British health authorities are worried that the outbreak will be more severe than the swine flu H1N1 that broke out in 2009.

    One in five flu patients is infected with H3N2 influenza. The United Kingdom estimates that it is likely to reach the peak of the flu by the end of this month. Vaccine supply is still not available in many places. There are still 3 million people without vaccination.

    Authorities also sent letters urging doctors everywhere to inject the remaining vaccines to high-risk groups such as pregnant women and youth suffering from asthma in the next two weeks.

    The Italian health authorities also reported that nearly two-tenths of the country's entire population is infected and that 5 million people are expected to get infected by the end of the peak flu season.

    The flu epidemic in mainland China is overcrowded

    In addition, the flu in mainland China this year was extremely fierce. The outbreak period was earlier than usual. Major hospitals were overcrowded and even schools were closed. Pharmacy cold medicine was bought out. Ten deaths occurred in Hong Kong on the 9th day of the New Year. But the official language is not yet clear, is not clear what kind of flu virus outbreak.

    In the first 9 days of Hong Kong's winter flu season, more than 20 serious cases of deaths including 10 deaths occurred. The health department concerned said that the seasonal flu activity in Hong Kong will last for several weeks.

    Xinhua News Agency quoted the title of "Hong Kong into the winter flu season," which was reported, but the outside world did not see the statistics of the mainland media to rampant influenza epidemic. What kind of virus is transmitted, to what extent is serious, how many cases of death and so on.

    On the 9th, there was an online circulation of "Pediatrics of Tianjin Haihe Hospital Announced Closings of All Sick Patients," arousing public concern and panic. The news the next day by the "Beijing News" confirmed: "network notification notification is true, the date of the current appointment yet undetermined." The news also confirms the severity of the flu from the side.

    Mr. Zhang told The Epoch Times in Tianjin: "Now is the flu season, because the virus is particularly serious, most of the patients have a cold, some more than a month is not good, the virus mutation quite fast, especially in major hospitals, pediatrics, Children have too much flu and Tientsin Hospital Doctors are tired. "

    Zhu, an aided primary school student in Hebei province, confirmed to Epoch Times that "the flu is particularly fierce in Shijiazhuang and the children often take time off. Now the epidemic virus is more serious and flu than the general flu for at least a week." The parents even said that practicing writing, that Write flu experience. "

    Shanghai Qiu told Epoch Times reporters that Shanghai's viral flu is also fierce, spread by air and does not come into direct contact with flu patients.

    "The major hospitals in Shanghai are overcrowded and queuing to see the flu, and many people are reluctant to wait for the drug to go directly to the pharmacy to buy the treatment. In many pharmacies, the cold medicine is being sold short.

    Flu epidemic across the mainland, the Communist Party's Health Regulatory Commission, CDC 10, only through the new site to respond to public concerns.

    The CDC said that the proportion of outpatient and emergency flu-like cases reported by hospitals designated for influenza surveillance in the country and the positive rate of influenza virus detection were higher than the same period in the past three years and the number of flu outbreaks was significantly higher than the same period in previous years. And the number of severe cases also increased.

    As we all know, the CCP has always concealed the outbreak. As early as the outbreak of the SAR in that year, the CCP tried to evade the scrutiny of the international community by scandals involving the running of SARS patients across the street. The outbreak of the H7N9 bird flu in 2012 was massive and the CCP concealed the spread of the virus.

    During the peak period of bird flu in two sessions last year, human beings were infected with H7N9 in 16 provinces and cities in the Mainland. In January alone, 192 people were officially infected with the bird flu virus, of which 79 died and became the most serious period in the past four years Two patients in Guangdong were virus-mutated. However, the authorities are eager to "maintain stability" to mask the truth of the outbreak and also arrest people who use social media to express their opinions.

    Therefore, some people are worried about the fact that the Health and Fisheries Commission acknowledged that the flu outbreak this year was earlier and more severe than in previous years and the fact may be even more serious. People are also worried that humans may be facing a catastrophe.
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