Timochenko launches his candidacy for the presidency of Colombia
Timochenko launches his candidacy for the presidency of Colombia, The leader of the FARC political party wants to run for this year's elections "to renew the old political class"

The leader of the FARC political party, Rodrigo Londoño, known in his guerrilla days as "Timochenko," has presented his candidacy for this year's elections as a renewal of Colombian politics. In an act held in the popular Bogota town of Ciudad Bolivar, in the south of the Colombian capital, he said that "old and corrupt parties" have always alternated in politics, followed by other movements "always headed by recognized leaders. "

For Londoño, who participated this Saturday in his first big electoral rally, the substitution of the Liberal and Conservative parties, which monopolized Colombian politics until 2002, by other movements hardly meant a renewal "in appearance", since he considers that "in reality they sank it even more into the mud "of rot. For this reason, he proposed to the Revolutionary Alternative Force of the Common (FARC), name of the party that they formed after disarming as a guerrilla, as a renovator of "the old political class".

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