Trump called himself a genius who is attacked in the style of the 80's
President of the United States Donald Trump, under a storm of criticism of his mental abilities, wrote on Twitter that he considers himself a genius.

And his opponents resorted to tactics of the era of Ronald Reagan, who served as president of the United States in 1981-1989.

Earlier, journalist Michael Wolff, author of the scandalous book "Fire and Fury: in the White House of Trump," said that Trump's intellectual abilities do not allow him to be president.

The White House categorically denied the contents of the book, which said that Trump did not expect to become president, and his wife Melania Trump was terrified of the prospect of becoming the first lady.

Woolff actively refers to Stephen Bannon, who worked as a Trump adviser on strategic issues in January-August 2017. In addition, Bannon is credited with accusing him of betraying Donald Trump Jr., the son of an American leader, because of his meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya, a Russian lawyer. This meeting is often mentioned by supporters of the theory of "Russian intervention" in the American elections.

Trump said that Bannon had no influence in the White House, he had no relation to the victory in the elections, and lost his reason after dismissal from the administration.

The White House, in turn, said that Bannon not only informed the author of the book of false information, but also violated the agreement, according to which he should not tell the press or the authors of books about how he worked in the White House and Trump's campaign headquarters.

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