Turkish series Dirilis Ertugrul episode 102 season 4
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Watch Turkish series Ertugrul episode 102 season 4 translated into Arabic, the series Ertugrul broadcast on the channel TRT 1 Turkish Turk Sat.

The story of Ertuğrul's fierce confrontation with countless enemies, shrouded in many legends and myths, the television series is intended to shed light on the life of the famous Ertugrul, the warrior and the sultan. 

It all began with minor military assistance to the inhabitants of Antalya, who wanted liberation from Byzantines. 

The successes of the young Ottoman successor inspired the local population and kinsmen to more extensive conquests. 

Now it was necessary to confront the huge hordes of nomads, Mongols and Turkmens to liberate their native land from the invaders.

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