Turkish series Dirilis Ertugrul - Season 4 Episode 101

Turkish series Dirilis Ertugrul - Season 4 Episode 101
    Turkish series Dirilis Ertugrul - Season 4 Episode 101
    Watch Turkish series Ertugrul episode 101 season 4 translated into Arabic, the series Ertugrul broadcast on the channel TRT 1 Turkish Turk Sat.

    Events of the 99 episode of the series Ertugrul
    The episode 99 of the series "Ertugrul" witnessed many exciting events, most notably the invasion of the castle ruled by the "Aris", with the release of Mr. Bhader by "Ertugrul", after he learned that he had nothing to do with putting poison to his brother and wife, Bahadir will not be silent about what Artragirl has done, and he will be ready for revenge.

    The episode ended in 99 when Ertugrul reached the person who put poison in a drink for his brother and his wife on the night of their wedding, Prince Sa'd al-Din, the Seljuk minister, who will take over the next episodes of the Sultan and continue his evil deeds. But during the episode, the events between Ertugrul and "After he knew that he was hurting Esfelihan and Artut.

    The head of the Byzantine fortress, Aris, was kidnapped by Eris, the son of Ertugrul, for use as a means of pressuring him to refrain from invading the castle, while Eris tries to use Bhadir as a weapon in his class.

    On the other hand, the two women of the tribe of Chavdar appointed their husbands, Turgut, the younger brother of Ataturk Sida on the tribe, which Mr. Bader did not receive as a great challenge and intended to take revenge on them.

    Episode 100 next Wednesday will witness a conflict between Aris and leader Ertugrul.

    Ertugrul succeeded in regaining his kidnapped son Gundus from Aris, with the help of Maria and his presence. The events of Episode 100 ended with the declaration of war by the two parties, while Bader's plan failed to obtain the Chavdar tribe and killed Turgurat and Isleihan. Would Ertugrul be able to get the Kargasihar fortress from Aris ?

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