U23 Qatar vs U23 Oman Live Streaming online Today 12-1-2018 Asian U23 Cup 2018
U23 Qatar vs U23 Oman played at 18h30 on January 12 under the second round of Group A U23 Finals , Asia U23 Qatar will surely keep their ticket if they beat U23 Oman in the match tonight.

In the U23 Asian finals this year, if there are two or more teams with points, the organizers will consider the priority of the match, the difference in the matches, the number of goals in the. head-to-head play, and offset in all rounds. With such a regulation, Qatar U23 will certainly qualify in the knockout stages if they win against Oman U23.

On the day of its inception, though under-estimated as Uzbekistan's U23 capital represented football still considered to be more developed, the Qatar U23 has played well with the efficiency of putting on the top. For most of the time, Qatar U23 kept the initiative and pushed the opponent into the deadlock from the first minute.

Up until now, Qatar U23 have had two consecutive victories and they have shown signs of improvement at the current stage. Meanwhile, Oman U23 suddenly became the worst after the first game when host China U23 squashed three white tables. In Asia, Oman U23 has disappointed the market to 3 of the last 4 matches.

U23 Qatar vs U23 Oman Live Streaming online Today 12-1-2018 Asian U23 Cup 2018
In the first leg of Group A U23 Asian Cup 2018, Qatar U23 had a significant 1-0 victory over U23 Uzbekistan's direct rivals.

Meanwhile, U23 Oman lost very solid host U23 China with the score 0-3 and their doors are almost closed.

As a result, if U23 Qatar win, they will almost certainly pass the U23 Asian Cup and U23 Oman will definitely be eliminated.

Lineup expected U23 Qatar vs U23 Oman

U23 Qatar: Al Bakri, Sultan Al-Khalid, Al Muhamaz, Al Hajri, Doozandeh, Abdulsalam, Salman, Hishan, Hashim Ali, Almoez Ali, Akram Afif.

Oman Oman: Ibrahim Al Mukhaini, Mataz Saleh, Majid Al Saadi, Thani Al Rushaidi, Abdullah Fawaz, Al Mandhar Al Alawi, Muhsen Al Ghassani, Samir Al Alawi, Zahir Al Aghbari, Abdulaziz Al Gheilani, Ibrahim Al Sawwafi.

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