U23 Vietnam lost to South Korea 1-2 U23 Asian Cup

U23 Vietnam lost to South Korea 1-2 U23 Asian Cup
    U23 Vietnam lost to South Korea 1-2 U23 Asian Cup
    U23 Vietnam lost to South Korea 1-2 U23 Asian Cup, Coach Park Hang Seo satisfied with what the players show, only a pity that the U23 players Vietnam has not played with the highest confidence.

    U23 Vietnam was not able to surprise U23 South Korea in the match U23 Asian Cup, but teacher teacher Park Hang Seo also made the opponent more difficult, especially in the first half.

    Despite losing 1-2, coach Park Hang Seo still expressed satisfaction, he said: "In general, today my students have a good match against strong opponents U23 Korea, meet the requirements of Coaching staff".

    Commenting on the loss of U23 Vietnam, coach Park Hang Seo admitted the players have made mistakes and the players have not played with confidence: "This is the first game so the players seem to lack the confident, otherwise I think U23 Vietnam can play even better. I think today we keep the balance, unfortunately strikers do not play like we did.

    We scored the first goal but then lost two. Both goals were lost by the players U23 Vietnam mistakes. Today, we were able to create something special, unfortunately we lost to U23 Korea. "

    U23 Vietnam has not finished the opportunity to continue in Group D, when still meet two opponents followed by U23 Australia and U23 Syria. Coach Park Seung Seo said: "The match against U23 Australia, they are also a strong team, good technique.

    But we still have the right to hope, can still create surprise. Australia can look tall, Vietnamese players when the opponent can better shape often lack of confidence. I think if they are confident, they can play much better. Although Australia is strong, I believe we can play well. "

    Meanwhile, coach Kim Bong Gil of U23 South Korea said: "This is the first game, always very difficult. We lost before the first but then the equalizer. Second half, we have more goals.

    We lost before but the players are still calm, not in a hurry. I think Park Hang Seo has built a good team. I appreciate the U23 Vietnam play well today.
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