Vladimir Putin signed on the restoration of air communication with Egypt

Vladimir Putin signed on the restoration of air communication with Egypt
    Vladimir Putin signed on the restoration of air communication with Egypt
    The decree on the restoration of air communication with Egypt was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday 4 January. At the same time, in the second paragraph of the decree concerning the restrictions on the implementation of tours, the edited version has the following: "Refrain from selling to citizens a tourist product that provides for air transportation (including commercial) of citizens from the territory of the Russian Federation to the territory of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Cairo. "

    In fact, a new version of the decree on the "closure of Egypt" was signed, that is, Decree No. 553 of November 8, 2015, "On Certain Measures to Ensure the National Security of the Russian Federation and Protect Citizens of the Russian Federation from Criminal and Other Wrongful Acts," where the new version indicates that the prohibition on transportation exists in "except for regular air transportation in Cairo."

    Similarly, to note the tour operator's public, the second paragraph of the decree of 2015 has been amended. In which the recommendation to tour operators and travel agents for the duration of the ban is to refrain from selling tours to Egypt, is edited as follows.

    Recall that the Egyptian side announced its readiness to provide additional transportation from Cairo to the resorts of the country. However, as far as this transportation is permissible, the question is open.

    Recall that Egypt is ready to open two versions of routes for Russian tourists from Cairo, the prices for them have already been calculated by the Russian and Egyptian sides and did not go far apart. The cost of the tour package on regular flights between Moscow and Cairo will start from $ 650 - the forecast of the Egyptian side was announced by the deputy head of the Union of Tourist Chambers of Egypt Mostafa Khelil. At the same time, he noted that the programs have already been practically developed.

    "As expected, the cost of a week trip with accommodation in a four-star hotel with air travel from Moscow to Cairo and back will start from $ 650. Travel companies have already developed such programs, which, I believe, fully meet the needs of Russian tourists, "said Mostafa Khelil in an interview with RIA Novosti.

    Also, a representative of Egyptian tourism officials said that the market is at the stage of reformatting. As a result, the Egyptian tourist authorities are trying to ensure that the Russian tourist can enjoy the trip, while paying an acceptable price.

    Recall, according to ATOR forecasts, the most "uncomfortable" tours with a bus transfer will cost quite a lift - from 35 thousand rubles. This rating was voiced by ATO Executive Director Maya Lomidze. Also there will be delivery on charter planes, these tours will be much more expensive.

    "In the case of the delivery of tourists to the resorts by bus, the transfer will take six to seven hours. True, such a tour will cost less than with domestic flights - according to a very preliminary estimate of 35-40 thousand rubles. per person, for a week at a three-star hotel with an all-inclusive system, said Maya Lomidze in an interview with Moscow. If tourists choose an additional charter flight to the resorts of Egypt, it will add to the cost of at least 12 thousand rubles, respectively, the price of the tour will be about 50 thousand rubles.

     "Such tours can appear on sale after the New Year holidays, so as to raise the demand for rest among Russians in January-February 2018," stressed Maija Lomidze. At the same time, the expert noted that before the closure of Egypt on average such tours cost 29-32 thousand rubles per person. As a result, the tours will rise in price, but the most budgetary options still the price will grow insignificantly.

    Recall that in December, the prospects for the opening of Cairo, the tourism industry has assessed ambiguously. "In itself, the opening of regular flights with Cairo does not give anything from the point of view of selling tour packages. Because the presence of regular flights with Turkey in its time did not give tour operators permission to sell the tourist product, which was considered unsafe, "explained Sergey Tolchin, sales director of NTK Intourist. Accordingly, according to the expert, there is the same ban on the sale of tours to Egypt, and while this ban is not lifted, the tour operator, which will provide unsafe services, "runs the risk of going to jail."

    "In this case, it is important that both the direction itself and the sales of the tours, which are now banned, will be opened. "Green light" will allow tour operators to form tours on regular air transportation and send those wishing to the resorts of the Red Sea. According to our office in Cairo, local airlines are ready to increase the number of domestic flights from Cairo airport to Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh, in addition tourists can be offered bus transfers, although long, "- commented Larysa Akhanova, PR director of the tour operator" Tez Tour ». According to the expert, the closest resort to Cairo -
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