WhatsApp is coming for business and being completely different
The new version of the popular WhatsApp application is in the final stages of development and should soon see the light of day.

The business version of WhatsApp is getting closer to its final version, reports the tportal and adds that it is an application that is completely separate from 'standard' WhatsApp, denying some of the stories that the business model will be integrated into the 'basic version' of the globally popular communication applications.

Standard WhatsApp uses millions of smartphone users around the world, and its version of business needs will have a number of specific options specializing in contacting and communicating with consumers. WhatsApp Business has not yet come out, but its beta version is available for download in selected regions around the world.

Finally, the WhatsApp Business logo will be similar to the standard WhatsApp, replacing the character of the handset with a capital letter 'B'.

When the WhatsApp business goes out, customers will be able to buy through it, and even receive notifications like flight time, delivery time, paid accounts, and the like.

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