Why smart clocks have not yet been received by users?

Why smart clocks have not yet been received by users?
    Why smart clocks have not yet been received by users?
    Smart clocks have millions of users who adore them and do not think to give up on them. This is great and confirms that these devices have a certain value, but ... Smart phones, computers, televisions, consoles and "traditional" clocks have billions of users. 

    It is difficult to find a home in a world where not one of these things is, and most are all. And there's a problem, smart clocks should be that.

    There is a lot of discussion about why they are not, but the answer is simple - they are too expensive. Far more expensive than they should be. Everything is a little better smart clock, not just Samsung or Apple, but Sony, Huawei, LG ... it costs too much. For this money you can buy a brilliant "traditional" watch, a top brand. For the price of a smart clock, one can buy an excellent "traditional". 

    For the price of a smart clock, a flagship smartphone is purchased for the previous generation and is certainly better than a smart clock. The example is a lot.

    Everyone suggests the same, the price is too high because smart clocks are actually a replacement, replacement, extension of another device. They are not independent, they do not have the value of their own, which is why they are just an interesting thing enthusiasts always love to buy and carry. 

    Or those with excess money, while "resting" the hand of a precious "traditional" hour. Others will not. Not because they do not want it because they can not usually allocate too much money for something that does not represent the value they are valued.

    If a user needs some fitness, he buys a specialist smart bracelet. If the user needs something to monitor the heart rate or other health items, he buys a specialist smart bracelet. The conclusion is simple.

    Now "only" must be accepted by the manufacturers. Or they do not have to, but then they have to accept the facts and satisfy themselves to be in the story of millions of users, not billions.

    Of course, after the price story comes the order comes with a battery that is still impractical due to its short lifespan, then the problems with the wrist-heating ... It is, in fact, positive that smart clocks still survive due to the obstacles and negatives that surround them rightfully beige.
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