Why Turkmenistan ban black cars into the capital?

Why Turkmenistan ban black cars into the capital?
    Why Turkmenistan ban black cars into the capital?
    Black cars are being banned from entering the Turkmen capital under the ban of President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov.

    In the past few weeks, police in Ashgabat have prevented dark cars from entering the city and demanding their owners change the color to silver or white.

    Ashgabat has long been considered the city with the most white marble buildings in the world.

    President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov is also a white lover. He lives in a white palace, traveling by white limousines, and is even believed to ban air conditioning to protect the white capital of the capital.

    While the Government of Turkmenistan does not explain why black cars are banned, some sources suggest that this may be related to white love by Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov.

    His hobbies, however, caused trouble for owners of black cars when they had to spend a great deal of money to paint the car.

    One driver revealed that he had to spend 7,000 mannes (45 million dong) to change the color of the paint, while the median income of the Turkmen people was only about 7.5 million dong a month.

    "My salary is 1,000 mannes (VND6.5 million) a month, even if I do not spend any money, I will have to spend all my salary just to paint the car," the driver complained.

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    Turkmenistan has banned the import of black cars by 2015. Customs officials at the time could not give any explanation except to say that "white will bring good fortune" .
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