66 people killed in plane crash in Iran

66 people killed in plane crash in Iran
    66 people killed in plane crash in Iran
    The 66 people who traveled on the flight of the Iranian airline Aseman injured in the center of the country today have died in the accident, as confirmed by the company

    The public relations department of Aseman told the official media that the deaths were 60 passengers, including one child, two pilots, two flight attendants and two members of the security staff.

    The plane, a twenty-year-old ATR, covered the domestic route between the capital, Tehran, and the city of Yasuy, in the southwest of the country.

    Iranian Emergency spokesman Moytaba Khaledi explained that the device disappeared from radar about 20 minutes after taking off from Tehran airport and crashed into a mountainous region.

    The ATR collided with a mountain called Dena, from the Zagros mountain range, near the town of Samirom, in the south of the central province of Isfahan.

    In the area of ​​the incident, the authorities sent helicopters because, being a mountainous region, it is difficult to access ambulances.

    Everything indicates that the accident was caused by the weather, specifically by the fog and wind recorded in that region.

    Iran has an obsolete air fleet due to years of international sanctions and in the last decade there have been several serious accidents.

    The last one took place in August 2014 in Tehran, in which 40 people died. Three years earlier, another commercial plane crashed during a snowstorm in northern Iran, killing 77 people.
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