Afghanistan destroys Taliban's biggest hideout for heroin industry during air strikes
The Afghan authorities have announced the destruction of the biggest hideouts of the Taliban for the manufacture of heroin drug in Afghanistan during air raids carried out by the Air Force in the province of "Farah" in the west of the country.

The news agency "Khama Press" Afghan, on Saturday, police officials said that the air raids targeted the hideout killed eight militants in the province (Bakwa) in the village of Ashkan, in addition to the destruction of the entire cache of all its contents, which contained about one thousand kilometers Grams of drugs.

The latest air strikes are part of the Afghan government's efforts in the Farah region to destroy the Taliban's drug manufacturing facilities and caches.

Farah is a volatile province in western Afghanistan, where anti-government elements and armed groups are active as authorities try to counter the activities of armed elements trying to expand their influence in the region.

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