American soldiers - Korean Blood Drinking Snake Cobra Gold Thailand

American soldiers - Korean Blood Drinking Snake Cobra Gold Thailand
    American soldiers - Korean Blood Drinking Snake Cobra Gold Thailand Foreign media are interested in the mission of the military forces that participated in the training of Gold Coat 2018, which consists of Thai Marine Corps South Korean Marine Corps And the US Marine Corps. He has been training in the wild in the forest. Patrol Battalion Marine Corps Naval Marine Command, Sattahip, Chonburi during 2 weeks

    There are Thai soldiers from the Patrol Brigade as a lecturer. Lecture, Knowledge and Demonstration Livelihoods in the wild Natural surroundings in each landscape. To be able to live a safe existence. For living in the wild. purpose In order to provide training, knowledgeable and able to live in the forest.

    In case of not being able to receive additional supplies. From being besieged by the enemy and given to the troops. Can find food The nature of the tropical plants. Observations of any plant or not. Finding Natural Drinking Water Trapping Observation of poisonous and non-venomous animals such as snakes, scorpions, capture animals. Fire for cooking and warmth Hiking techniques Finding accommodation and building accommodation In order for the trained personnel to be able to apply the knowledge gained in the area of ​​operation. Or an emergency, effectively.

    For the interesting point of living in the wild, there is a demonstration of snakes, especially cobra snakes, with naked snakes, snakes, and drinking snakes, poisonous snakes that have been believed in ancient times. that Snake blood when drinking, will react to the body. It will make the blood circulation better. The temperature in the body warm to withstand cold weather conditions.

    In addition, it is believed that snake blood is the elixir that can make the body healthy. Immunity And to improve sexual performance. In the belief of the Thai people. It is the belief of the United States soldiers. Participants in Cobra Gold Training in each model. Hope and commitment to drink live snake blood. By the belief that a great tonic.

    There is also a cooking demonstration of natural ingredients. From the demonstration of Thai Marines. The soldiers who attended this training. Admire the ability of the Thai Marines.
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