An armed guard of the school of the massacre in Florida did not intervene to stop the assailant

A video shows him waiting outside the school where the shooting that killed 17 people was going on

A police officer employed as an armed guard of the Florida massacre did not intervene to stop the assailant despite having arrived in front of the building where the shooting was taking place about 90 seconds after the first shot was fired. Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel told a news conference that a video recorded by security cameras clearly shows that Agent Scot Peterson had arrived in front of the Parkland school building a few seconds after the start of the shooting, armed and in divided, but had waited outside for almost 4 minutes before intervening. The shooting, conducted by a former student of the school with semi-automatic weapons and in which 17 people died, lasted a total of 6 minutes and the assailant was arrested after he had left school to mingle with fleeing students.

Sheriff Israel said Peterson did not give an explanation of why he did not intervene to try to stop the attacker, and added that he felt he should have entered the school and tried to kill him. Peterson - like the other armed guards employed for school security in the United States - is a police officer. It is not clear whether he will be formally charged with something for not intervening during the shooting. One of the proposals that are made more often after massacres like that of Parkland - in recent days has also been re-launched by US President Donald Trump - is to have a greater number of armed guards in schools.

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