Atletico Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao Live Streaming online Today 18.02.2018 La Liga
Atletico Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao Live Streaming online Today 18.02.2018 La Liga, The match between Atletico and Bilbao claims the status of the central on the tour. 

there are two teams that play in European competition. Nevertheless, the Basques can not beat the "mattress" in the championship for nine duels in a row. 


"Atletico" this week showed that it is not going to merge from the League of Europe. Wards Diego Simeone played on the road against the "Copenhagen" and almost solved the issue with going into the next round. The victory at a party with a score of 4: 1 turned the return home match in fact into a formality.

In the example of the Madrid club, too, everything is developing as well as possible. "Atletico" took advantage of misfires "Barcelona" in the last rounds and reduced the gap from the Catalan club to seven points. However, the nearest pursuers were nine points behind the second place.

In the example of "Atletico" lost just one match. It happened on the road just before a big break. They lost to Madrid "Espanolo" with a score of 0: 1. However, after the resumption in January of the championship "mattress" played six matches, which scored five wins without missing a single goal. The only match in which the Madrid team lost points during this period was the home match against Girona - a 1: 1 draw.

Because of the injury, only Stephen Savich will miss the game. It is not clear yet whether the game will be played by Jan Cloud and Diego Costa.

Athletic Bilbao

"Athletic" this week, his match in the European League, too, won. They played Basques on the road against Spartak and got a confident victory 3: 1, making a weighty request to enter the next round.

To get to the next year the team of Jose Siganda in the European Cup will be difficult, so perhaps the European League will concentrate the Basques their attention. In the championship, "Athletic" is now only 13th place, behind the first six already eight points.

It can not be said that the "red-white" lose a lot. For the last 12 rounds, the Basques suffered only one defeat, just in the last guest match with "Girona" - 0: 2. However, the wards of Sigandy won this period only three times, finishing eight games in a draw.

Atletico Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao 2:0

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