Barcelona vs Girona Live Streaming online Today 24.02.2018 Spain La Liga
Barcelona vs Girona Live Streaming online Today 24.02.2018 Spain La Liga, One of the most interesting matches of the next round in the Spanish example will be the derby of two Catalan teams - "Barcelona" will play with "Girona". In the first round, the sensation did not take place. "Blue-garnet" on the road defeated the "Girons" with a score of 3: 0.


"Barcelona" this week has already managed to play a tough match in London within the Champions League against Chelsea, which earned an acceptable result for itself - a draw 1: 1. Catalans missed the first, but Messi almost immediately equalized.

In the championship, wards Ernesto Valverde has not yet lost. True, in two of the last three games, the "blue-pomegranate" lost points, finishing a 1: 1 draw with "Hispaniol" and 0: 0 with "Getafe".

It should be noted that the effectiveness of the "Barcelona" in recent matches fell somewhat. In four previous rounds of the championship wards Valverde scored only five goals. It's hard to give the team goals against teams that are well defended. "Eibar", "Getafe", "Espanyol" and "Alaves" managed to give battle to the grandee.

So far, there is no reason to worry in the standings, however, you should not lose points. "Atletico" is seven points behind.


"Girona" on the eve of the start of the season was expected to fight for survival, but the team has long wiped the skeptics' nose and confidently holds in the middle of the standings in eighth place. And, now the distance to the zone of European cups is only two points.

"Girons" in this championship have already proved that they know how to put the sticks in the wheel of leaders. Team Pablo Machina was able to get a strong-willed victory at home over Madrid "Real", and also to finish the draw with Atletico twice. Over the past six rounds, "Girona" lost just one match - on the road, "Seville" 0: 1. Although in general on the road team did not win five matches in a row.

Barcelona vs Girona 6:1

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