Barnaby Joyce,The Australian deputy prime minister resigned
Barnaby Joyce,The Australian deputy prime minister resigned, Barnaby Joyce, very conservative, was at the center of a big scandal for having had a secret relationship with an assistant

Barnaby Joyce announced his resignation as Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and Australian National Party leader after a very turbulent weeks, in which he had been at the center of a major scandal for having had an affair with one of his subordinates - Vikki Campion - while he was married.

The relationship between Joyce and Campion - which continues - was long known among Australian journalists and politicians, but it had never been discussed much until the Sydney Daily Telegraph published a photo of Campion visibly on the front page on 7 February pregnant. This detail had questioned Joyce's version of when her relationship with Campion began, that is, after she had stopped working on her staff and after he had separated from his wife. There were two problems with this story: on the one hand, Joyce had to defend herself against the accusation that she had hired people with whom she had a relationship, something forbidden; On the other hand, only a few months ago Joyce had made an electoral campaign focusing on the image of his family and presenting himself as a protector of traditional and conservative values: the new revelations therefore put him in great difficulty even politically.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, of the Liberal Party, had asked Joyce to take a period of reflection and evaluate the best thing to do for his future: he had not explicitly asked for his resignation, but almost. Joyce, this night, announced that he will resign next Monday and that the decision was taken to protect his family and Vikki Campion. With a statement, Turnbull thanked Joyce for his service and reiterated the strength of the government alliance between their two parties.

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