Borussia Dortmund vs Hamburger SV Live Streaming online Today 10.02.2018 Bundesliga
Borussia Dortmund vs Hamburger SV Live Streaming online Today 10.02.2018 Bundesliga, In the new calendar year, "Borussia" at home has not yet won, playing two draws in a row. 

Will the "bumble bees" get rid of this injustice in the nearest game against "Hamburg"?


A difficult season is obtained from Dortmund, for a little more than half of it a lot of changes have already occurred. There was a great start with the Dutchman Peter Bos, and an equally impressive failure, which led to the change of the coaching staff and the loss of chances for the championship. Now the former coach of Cologne Peter Shtoger is driving in Borussia, and the team continues to fever.

From the last - the sensational sale of Obama to the "Arsenal" and three draws at the start of the second round, with no top opponents - Hertha (1: 1), Wolfsburg (0: 0) and Freiburg (2: 2) . A small shift, coincidence or not, fell on the match with the "Cologne", won 3: 2 away. In it, the team's beginner flashed - Belgian Batshuyi, who made a double and gave the transfer.

The composition for the match can replenish Marco Royce, finally recovered from injury, on the approach of Mario Getz. But there are losses - Guerrere, a few games missed Yarmolenko and Phillip, have not played Shmelzer for a long time


"Hamburg" catches points for two games in a row, playing 1: 1 with "Leipzig" and "Hanover", the result is not bad, if you do not look at the table. And there the "dinosaurs" only 17th place and three points behind the main group, the series without wins has lasted eight games. Before the draws mentioned in January, there were two defeats - 0: 2 at home from "Cologne" and 0: 1 at the "Augsburg".

If you take guest matches - scored only five points, seven of the ten duels are lost, the difference of the balls is 8:18.

Difficulties in choosing the composition created a disqualified defender Papadopoulos, midfield missed Holtby and Jung

Borussia Dortmund vs Hamburger 2:0

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