Carlo Freccero, Elections in Italy: When we look at this campaign, we see a country in decline

Carlo Freccero, Elections in Italy: When we look at this campaign, we see a country in decline
    Carlo Freccero, Elections in Italy: When we look at this campaign, we see a country in decline
    Carlo Freccero, philosopher, former leader of the Five, comments on the general election campaign in Italy.
    Philosopher from the extreme left, Carlo Freccero directed in 1986 the five, the first French private channel, launched by Silvio Berlusconi, with whom he is now in cold. Freccero then took the head of the France 2 and France 3 programs before becoming the head of the Rai in Italy, of which he is now a director.

    How do you explain the return to the forefront of Berlusconi?

    Carlo Freccero. For the Italians, Berlusconi is like those trinkets that make snow when you turn them over. It's like a show of nostalgia. People take refuge in the memory of a very beautiful era, that of the consumer society of the 80s / 90s embodied by Berlusconi. He is par excellence the archetype of the Italian! And for this reason people find it very nice, despite all the business, all the scandals. The other trigger of this return is populism, this instinctive aversion to the complexity of power. As a result, the Italian campaign is dominated by insane election promises, incompatible with the budgetary commitments imposed by Europe.

    Do Italians realize the unrealistic nature of these promises?

    We live in the era of communication that is made to seduce, where the truth does not exist. These promises are proof that there is in Italy a malaise, a suffering, a social fracture. We are living with digital a profound revolution and politics has no answer yet.

    What are the differences between the Berlusconi you worked with in the 80s and the man of today?

    I knew the visionary entrepreneur. Today, there is this body redone, retouched, rewritten by cosmetic surgeons. After dominating television, football and mass distribution, Berlusconi came to politics to increase his power. The Italians are in him: he is creative, he is realized and he is also an actor, a seducer. It traps everyone!

    If his coalition wins, what will he do?

    He is unlikely to lead the government since he is facing a sanction of ineligibility. Then he will pull the strings, it will be Richelieu. With this paradox, he who was out of the game by the magistrates, that he can become for this reason a father of the fatherland. It's furious madness! That's Italy! (To laugh).

    We do not talk much in this mafia campaign. Has she disappeared?

    It is true that the judiciary and the police beat her severely. But there is always a hidden power. The mafia has infiltrated the business world, it's an important fact. But instead of the mafia, we prefer to talk about immigrants who are accused of all evil.

    Is not Italy likely to be very difficult to govern again?

    The electoral law was made by the Democratic Party (PD) of Matteo Renzi to punish the Five Star Movement. She became a trap for him and for everyone! It will make governance extremely difficult. Moreover, if the right-wing coalition comes to power, it will be very fragile. Between Berlusconi, who claims to embody balance today, and his allies Lega and Fratelli d'Italia, there are some incredible differences.

    The Five Star Movement (M5S) is often called populist, do you agree with that?

    Politics, like fashion, is today dominated by marketing. The Five Star Movement is the new product of this campaign. It was originally built in opposition to bad political practices. He never made a global speech about the economy, only about the economy of the day, emphasizing the honesty needed to fix the flaws of the system. Today, with Luigi Di Maio (note: who succeeded the historical leader Beppe Grillo), they have done all the campaign to demonstrate that they are reliable. They became the most conformist, they are the new Christian Democrats.

    But the elected Five Stars also knew their first business ...

    Honesty also needs the skill. This explains the political weaknesses of the M5S. For Luigi Di Maio, it is the experience of every day that will allow the movement to acquire the skill. The M5S is a kind of Wikipedia policy that is built as and when. His speech has already evolved a lot, about Europe, the economy, etc ... It's pragmatism without ideology, without vision, without theory.
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