Discovery of the real tomb British Princess Diana Spencer

Discovery of the real tomb British Princess Diana Spencer
    Discovery of the real tomb British Princess Diana Spencer
    The tomb of the late British Princess Diana Spencer is one of the most secret royal sites. Only William, Harry, the Duke of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Spencer can enter. July 2017, which marks the anniversary of the birth of Princess of Hearts.

    The tomb is located on the island of The Oval, located in the Althorp Palace, owned by the Diana family and protected from public view for more than 20 years.

    However, two decades after her tragic death in a car accident in the French capital of Paris, there are allegations that the coffin was transferred at the last minute to a secret burial place, not related to the island.

    According to an exciting report to the British daily Daily Star, many of Diana's and the British royal family's fans come from the United States, Asia and Africa to the basement of Saint Mary's Church in Great Browning, North Hamptonshire, The royal flag was transferred there under the cover of darkness. "

    Among the comments that the newspaper saw, was the comment from a visitor from Australia, traveled to this place to write: "What a beautiful stable.

    One of the tourists went so far as to go into the wife of Prince Charles II Camilla, writing: "Camilla or Diana, no comparison!".

    The newspaper said that the funeral of the Princess, which saw two billion and a half billion viewers around the world at the time, was only the beginning of the transfer of the body at the last moment to the church mentioned beside her father, not on the island.

    The newspaper even published a picture that described it as "exclusive" to the burial site, where the soil was wet, and now it is a dry grave topped with cement.

    Daily Star pointed out that these allegations did not appear in a vacuum, and spread after a series of "unexplained" events in the village where the church is located, took place on the night of the burial, which was approved on September 6, 1997, at the same time as the funeral, There are witnesses to it!

    The most important of these facts is the desire of the brother of Diana Charles, who holds the title of Earl Spencer IX, who still lives in Althorp to this day, to bury his sister in that church.

    The presence of workers in the church was also seen to dig a hole in it under heavy guard. The pit was surrounded by a barbed wire of 6 meters high and a warning system and procedures preceded the burial directly.

    Adding to the credibility of this theory, local residents claimed that there was "suspicious" activity in the village on the night of the burial, including a suspicious electrical outage and the sound of heavy machinery.

    But what happened next was that Earl changed his mind about the night of the burial and decided to bury her on an island in his property in Althorp, where visitors in the summer go for a quick visit for £ 18.5 ($ 26).

    The move came because of the media and public attention that would have beenfall the village, which had a population of just 200 at the time.

    But Diana's top fans were not convinced, and still are not convinced. They suspect that the landfill was still open, or reopened.

    According to documents previously seen by Daily Star, the vault was closed on the night before the announcement on 4 September and has not been opened since.

    But a year after Diana's death, a spokesman for the Peterborough Diocese, the village church under her authority, said the vault had been closed "days after the funeral."

    But all these theories refute the fact that the Peterborough Diocese took an extraordinary step by issuing Diana's burial certificate.

    The testimony clearly states that Diana was buried in Althorpe. But many of her fans were never convinced.
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