Egypt: Aswan International Art Festival begins in Seville for Nile boats
Aswan, where the pure sky, the beauty of nature and the timeless effects, began with the opening hours of Saturday morning, the sixth International Festival of Arts and Children, in Aswan, which will continue until 22 February. 

The participation of Culture Minister Inas Abdel Dayem and a number of Ambassadors participating in the festival.

By organizing the "Divila" offers by Nile boats, which were launched in front of the rowing club of water sports in Aswan, to Ferial Park, amid a follow-up of foreign tourists who took pictures with the participants.
Egypt: Aswan International Art Festival begins in Seville for Nile boats

The international and local art groups will participate in the opening ceremony with songs, dance and drums, with 250 artists representing 17 international and local bands: Argentina, Greece, Tunisia, China, Ethiopia, Thailand, Nigeria, India, Ismailia Folklore, Luxor Folklore, Sohag Folklore, Al-Jadid for Folklore, the Taste of Art in Alexandria, Shalatin for Automatic Arts, Toshka Automatic, and Aswan for Folk Art, which will perform from 18 to 20 February through morning and evening performances. The archaeological sites in Aswan, including the High Dam, the Botanical Garden, the Philae Temple, the Nile Museum and the Nubian Museum. These teams move to the tourist city of Abu Simbel to present their performances in conjunction with the celebration of the sun's arches.

The opening events were attended by Ahmed Awad, Chairman of the General Authority for Culture Palaces, Saad Farouk, President of South Upper Egypt Cultural Region, Mohamed Idris, Director General of Aswan Culture Branch, and Ahmed Al Shafei, Director of Cultural Services Department at the General Authority for Culture Palaces.

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