Egypt Zamalek vs Ethiopian Welayta Dicha in the 32 of the African Confederation Championship 2018
Zamalek's technical team, led by Ihab Galal, decided to hold a meeting on Saturday on the sidelines of the White House to set the date for the return match against the Welayta Dicha in the African Confederation.

Zamalek officials have received a preliminary notice that the white team will face the Ethiopian team on March 7 in the first leg which will bring the two teams together in the 32nd African Confederations Cup.

The first leg will be played in Ethiopia, the match will be in Egypt and the Ethiopian team defeated Zimamoto Zinzibari 1-0 in the home of the 64th round to qualify for the match against Zamalek after a 1-1 draw.

The first leg will be held at 4:00 pm Ethiopia time, at 3:00 pm Cairo, at the Addis Ababa stadium. The return meeting will be on March 16, 17 or 18. The technical team will set it up in the coming hours, A fan is 18 March the closest.

The Zamalek meeting is also set to set the date for official travel to Ethiopia after the White Club received a formal fax for the first leg on March 7 at the Addis Ababa stadium, in the 32nd place of the Confederation Championship.

Ethiopia's Willaita Desha managed to qualify for the 32nd African Confederations Cup after beating Zamamoto from Zanzibar for a free game in the first leg of the tournament to set a date for Zamalek.

History of Zamalek and Welayta Dicha in the Confederation

The two teams have never won the Confederacy title, but the history of the African giants is very large. They have won the Champions League five times before and they are the team's most successful team with the Congolese Mazembe.

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