Erdogan: Operation Afrin is approaching its conclusion
Erdogan: Operation Afrin is approaching its conclusion, Near the olive branch in the Syrian area of ​​Afrin.

"The army has started to control the mountains and is advancing on Afrin, it does not have a long way to go," he said.

Later in the day, Ankara announced that eight soldiers had been killed in the operation against the Kurdish People's Protection Units.

A military statement said one soldier was killed during clashes with the People's Protection Forces, the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Islamic State in northern Syria, while the second was killed during the shelling of the border area of ​​Kylis in southern Turkey,

Turkey has continued to strengthen its positions on its border with Syria.

The army also made leaflets on Afrin, calling on locals to unite against "terrorist" organizations, adding that the area would remain in the hands of its indigenous people.

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