Facebook is no longer popular with youth , They prefer Snapchat, Instagram or WhatsApp
Facebook no longer fully meets the expectations of young people who prefer to use Snapchat, Instagram or WhatsApp.

With more than two billion users worldwide, including 34 million in France, Facebook remains the largest social network on the Web. But he does not get as much attention as before.

In 2017, its subscribers spent less time, the equivalent of 50 million hours, or two minutes each day, to "like", update their profile or watch videos posted by their "friends". The trend, which should satisfy the promoters of the 7th World Day without Facebook celebrated today, especially affects the youngest, who have been fed with social networks since birth.

According to figures published a few days ago by Médiamétrie, 15-24 year olds devote more than half of their Internet time to social networks (43 minutes) but now first on YouTube, then Snapchat before Facebook, in 3rd position.

They prefer Snapchat, Instagram or WhatsApp

Some, like Eva, 15, even ignore the network. "I could have been there for two years but I did not even open an account, says the high school girl. I prefer to chat with my girlfriends through WhatsApp, share videos on Snapchat and photos on Instagram. It's more practical and it stays between us. "

"It's a beginning of awareness and good news, believes Yannick Chatelain, expert of the uses of the Net and author of Surf Couvert! (Ed Ellipses) More and more young people see Facebook as a web dinosaur that no longer meets their expectations. They prefer Snapchat, Instagram or WhatsApp to share information directly with their loved ones rather than risk negative comments by exposing themselves on Facebook to the sight of too many friends. "

In order to contain this lack of interest, the boss of Facebook has announced the modification of the algorithm controlling the display of the subscribers' pages. From now on, the contents of the relatives will be put forward more, to the detriment of those diffused by media. One way to fight the many critics accusing the network of promoting the proliferation of fake news.

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