Ghada Wali, Minister of Solidarity, is presenting the film "First Year of Recovery" at Ismailia Military Hospital
Ghada Wali, Minister of Social Solidarity and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Fund for the Control and Treatment of Addiction and Abuse, presented a documentary film entitled "First year of recovery" during a ceremony for honoring drug addicts at the National Center for Addiction Treatment at Ismailia Military Hospital 

in the presence of Major General Yasin Taher, Deputy Director of the Second Army Field, Major General Majed Bahi Eldeen, Counselor of the Armed Forces Psychiatry and Major General Zakaria Al-Ghamra, Assistant Minister of Interior Anti-narcotics and members of the House of Representatives Ismailia Governorate.

The documentary film included stories about the lives of recovering addicts after passing treatment programs through the addiction treatment hotline "16023" and rehabilitation and reintegration into society through the implementation of many programs either through the preparation of training courses to teach them the character needed by the labor market or provide funding for the establishment of small projects As part of the "New Beginning" initiative in cooperation with Nasser Social Bank.

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