Lazio vs AC Milan Live Streaming online Today 28.02.2018 Italy Cup

Lazio vs  AC Milan Live Streaming online Today 28.02.2018 Italy Cup
    Lazio vs  AC Milan Live Streaming online Today 28.02.2018 Italy Cup
    Lazio vs  AC Milan Live Streaming online Today 28.02.2018 Italy Cup, The return match of the semi-final of the Italian Cup will finally put a point relative to the finalist. Favorite to highlight difficult, both teams in recent matches demonstrate good football, and today are equal in strength to rivals, which confirmed the first match in Milan. At what rate to choose?


    "Lazio" from year to year continues to amaze many football fans, extracting the result with a modest, by modern standards, budget. The current season was no exception - the Romans are fighting for a place in the Champions League, and with a high probability, it will be won. Against the backdrop of such success, the first transfer attacks appeared, in the center of which was Milinkovich-Savich. It is rumored that the Madrid "Real" is preparing 150 million for the Serb in the summer window.

    In the championship "Eaglet" is really a formidable force, in most matches just not noticing the opponent. In late January, "Lazio" there was a slight decline in the game and it seemed that the crisis will push them out of the top three. It all began with the "Milan", which "Lazio" lost in the championship. After that, there were defeats from Genoa (1: 2) and Napoli (1: 4), to which the failure in Bucharest was added - within the framework of the Europa League the Romans lost sensationally to the local Steaua with a score of 0: 1. However, Simone Inzaghi managed to find the antidote and recovery began with a victory against "Verona", which "Lazio" confidently beat home with a score of 2-0. Then Steaua and Sassuolo were defeated in turn with a total score of 8: 1.

    The result of the first match surprised many, a zero draw did not reflect the course of the match. Both teams had their chances, but the implementation failed. Closer in the first half was "Lazio", which dominated all the first 45 minutes, but in the second half had its own opportunities and "Milan", which is only a mistake Chalkhanoglu under the very curtain of the meeting.


    "Milan", in contrast to his opponent in the semifinals, annually fans are more disappointing than the opposite. Before the beginning of each season, over the past few years, the club's management has sounded goals that, by and large, are not being achieved. If at the moment there is not even a speech about the fight for the title, then with such a composition and ambitions, the absence of a club in the Champions League is an undeniable failure.

    The reason for optimism in "Milan" appeared with the onset of 2018. In the coming year, "Rossoneri" has not lost, and at the moment, a win-win series in the championship is already eight matches. Especially brightly the team spends a segment in the last five games. In none of them, "Milan" has not lost points, and more importantly, did not miss a single goal. The final match before the semi-final with "Lazio" was a match with "Roma" on Sunday, won by Milanese with a score of 2: 0.

    The weather can make adjustments to the upcoming meeting at Olimpico. Rome on the eve of the match overwhelmed with snow so much that the teams were forced to cancel training on the street. Gattuso in the pre-match interview lamented about this, rightly complaining that not a single training in the gym will replace a full one.

    Lazio vs  AC Milan 4:5

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