Lazio vs Verona Live Streaming online Today 19.02.2018 Serie A
Lazio vs Verona Live Streaming online Today 19.02.2018 Serie A, Three fights in a row lost "Lazio" and allowed competitors to beat themselves in the fight for the Champions League. 

Will the "eagles" return to the fight after a home game with Verona?


At the end of January, Lazio acted as the main pursuer of Juventus and Napoli, losing seven favorites to the duo of favorites. But already now, after only three rounds, the handicap increased to sixteen points, and from the race for Scudetto the Romans unequivocally dropped out.

The reason for this is three consecutive defeats, with the team of Simone Inzaghi, for example, "Genoa" (1: 2) at home, and also the "Milan" (1: 2) dispersed away. In the final round, the nail was hammered by Napoli, who simply destroyed the Romans at the San Paolo (4: 1).

As a result, "Lazio" is now the fifth, ahead of "eagles" "Inter" by two points and neighbors from "Roma" for four points, have already played their matches. Not too went wrong in the playoffs of the Europa League, where on Thursday the "eagles" at home lost "Steaua" (0: 1), however, some players base Inzaghi still saved.

There are losses - defender De Vrey and midfielder Luis Alberto are questioned, one more player of the center of the field is disqualified Lucas Leiva


While "Ellas" look like one of the main candidates for parting with Serie A. Only four times since the beginning of the season, "Verona" was able to win, losing as many as 16 times in 24 games, more defeats only in the hopeless "Benevento". In the last five matches, the clearance was once - very unexpectedly Verontsy at home defeated "Fiorentina" (4: 1). But before that there was a dry home defeat from Croton (0: 3), in the last two rounds - 0: 1 from "Roma" and 0: 2 with "Sampdoria".

In the end, "Verona" is still firmly on the penultimate place, before salvation it is necessary to win back at least five points. This goal, judging by the latest results of the wards Fabio Pecky, can become unattainable.

Lazio vs Verona 2:1

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