Malaga vs Valencia Live Streaming online Today 17.02.2018 La Liga
Malaga vs Valencia Live Streaming online Today 17.02.2018 La Liga, Written outsider Examples of "Malaga" in the upcoming tour will try to catch on points in the match with "Valencia". 

In the first round, the defeat of "anchovies" from "bats" on the road turned out to be painful - 0: 5. Will the hosts get points in this match?


"Malaga" continues to hang out at the bottom of the standings. At the same time the team did not help and the change on the coaching bridge. In the final round, wards Jose Gonzalez lost to the home of Madrid, "Atletico" 0: 1, and before that lost with the same result important in terms of registration of the match "Las Palmas".

At the moment, "Malaga" firmly settled on the last line in the standings. From the saving 17th position, the "anchovies" are already seven points behind. Even from the penultimate "Deportivo" distance is four points. With each round, the time to say goodbye to the Example is just approaching.

In the championship, "Malaga" did not win eight games in a row, losing in six of them. And it was difficult to win, if the wards Jose Gonzalez almost do not score. During this period, only one goal was sent to the opponents' goal.

There is practically no loss in the composition of Andalusians. In the infirmary, only Juan Carlos Perez.


"Valencia" in the last round managed to interrupt, finally, a series of four defeats in a row. In the Levantine derby, "bats" smashed houses with fellow countrymen from the "Levante" 3: 1. However, the series of defeats of the Levantine club suggests that it is too early for Marcelino Toral's team to compete with top clubs. After losing the "bats" for this period in the Cup of Spain twice, "Barcelona" 0: 1 and 0: 2, and in the championship "Atletico" at the away 0: 1 and Madrid "Real" at home 1: 4.

Nevertheless, at home "Valencia" plays much better than on a visit. In the native walls of the Levantine gained 26 points, and on the road 17. In the five previous away matches, the bats suffered four defeats - from Getafe and Atletico 0: 1, and from Las Palmas and Eibar on 1: 2.

Malaga vs Valencia 1:2

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