Manal Ibtisam, the first veil in the Voice of France, withdraws from the competition
Manal Ibtisam, the first veiled girl in the talent show "The Voice" in her French version, announced on Friday that she was withdrawing from the competition on charges of supporting extremism.

"There have been a lot of very difficult tensions in recent days that I never thought of hurting anyone, so I decided today to decide to withdraw from this adventure," Manal, a French-born Syrian, said in a video posted on social networking sites. Anatolia "Turkish news.

"This decision will not hamper technical progress, but rather vice versa," the French website Sud West reported.

Manal withdrew from the program on the backdrop of exposure last week, for several criticisms after publishing an old publication through Facebook, that "the French government is terrorism."

Manal's commentary on the attack in July 2016, the church of Saint Etienne du Rovray in northern France, was perpetrated by extremists and resulted in the slaughter of a priest within the church.

Commenting on the charges, Manal, 22, said in a Facebook publication on Monday that "much of what is being said does not reflect what I meant by the phrase I wrote about the French government."

"I was born in the city of Besancon (east of France), I love France, I love my country, I condemn terrorism very strongly, and that was the cause of my anger," she said.

"I sent a message of love, peace and tolerance, and the proof is that I chose to sing 'Haliluya' to Leonard Cohen (a Canadian belonging to a Jewish family), because it epitomizes the ideal message I wanted to send as an artist."

For its part, confirmed the company "ETV France Studio" producer of the "Voice", today, that Manal's withdrawal was based on "personal will." The company said in a statement on Twitter: "We hope that the result of the decision Calm the charged atmosphere ".

She added that Manal "dazzled the audience during her artistic presentation, which revealed her talent and reflect the message of peace and tolerance." She added that "all those who accompanied Manal during the program wish to continue and flourish in the artistic field."

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