Mohamed Salah scores 30th goal for Liverpool: In the shape of Messi
Liverpool's two-thirds go to the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals, with Mohamed Salah scoring 30 goals for The Kop this season. It's only February ...

With a record number of goals in the English Premier League and Liverpool this season, Mohamed Salah is one of the most scoring players in Europe. Salah's sublime performance accompanies the good performances of Liverpool in the knockout stages of the Champions League.

Liverpool crushed Porto 5-0 in the knockout stages of the Champions League and the Egyptian scored a very high level. Instead of the simple ball, Salah ball, head rest and calmly put the ball into the net. A ball is usually seen in Lionel Messi.

It was Salah's 30th goal for Liverpool (with eight assists) on all fronts this season. 22 goals in the Premier League, one in the FA Cup and seven in the Champions League. No one can stop the Egyptian player.

If anyone asks what the Premier League is going to be like if Lionel Messi comes, and plays in a cold, rainy day in Stoke City, see Salah as the answer. Because never Messi will come. And Salah is also the most convincing answer to all. A super-human with speed, technique and ability to score goals this season.

With his 30th goal this season, Mohamed Salah made his Liverpool debut as a fourth player in the past 10 years scoring 30 goals for the club in one season. Liverpool, in the doldrums, struggled to recruit stars. They have Fernando Torres (33 goals of 2007/2008 season), Luis Suarez of two seasons (2011/12 - 31 goals and 2012/13 30 goals).

Mohamed Salah scores 30th goal for Liverpool: In the shape of Messi
But no one possesses magical magic like Salah. At the end of the season, Salah could become a player ... one of the greatest seasons in Liverpool history, but that is not the case. They do not even need the titles. Torres has been the most goalscorer - 33 goals for Liverpool since the Premier League.
Mohamed Salah scores 30th goal for Liverpool: In the shape of Messi

Salah has become another version of Lionel Messi this season. With the magic goals, terrible performance score. Egyptian magic is shining in Europe, from the port city of Liverpool. Another landmark that Salah is aiming for is a total of 42 goals scored by a non-forwards striker in the UK. It was Cristiano Ronaldo's 42 goals in the 2007/08 season.

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