Porto vs Liverpool Live Stream Today 14.02.2018 Champions League
Porto vs Liverpool Live Stream Today 14.02.2018 Champions League , At the group stage, "Porto" and "Liverpool" showed a boring football with a high pass of the standard bookmaker top. Is it possible to repeat this in a personal meeting?


"Porto" appeared, perhaps, in the most even group. Initially, all members of the G-quartet had approximately the same chances of reaching the playoffs. Champion of France - "Monaco" failed selection. The vice-champion of Germany, probably, did not have enough cup experience. The fate of the two quotas was decided in the confrontation of the "dragons" and "eagles" from the "Besiktas". The Turks defeated the Portuguese on the "Drahau" and played with them in Istanbul. In the record of the hosts there is still a loss to "Leipzig", two victories over Monegasks and revenge against the "red bulls".

In Primera, the top three teams are stable - the team from Porto is squeezed by competitors from the country's capital.


"Liverpool" took last season fourth place and began the European Cup campaign with the qualification of the Champions League. An experienced fighter knocked out of the tournament an inexperienced "Hoffenheim" and received a referral to the group stage.

In the quartet, the "reds" were considered favorites and fully justified the bookmaker expectations. The English won and played a tie in the ratio of 50/50. Twelve points was enough for the final first place. The second "Seville" fell behind by three points.

Porto vs Liverpool 0:5

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