Russia blocked a UN resolution proposing a truce in eastern Ghouta
Russia has blocked a UN resolution that provided for the imposition of a one-month respite in eastern Ghouta, a Syrian enclave controlled by the rebels, and by days of intense bombing by the regime of Bashar al Assad and its Russian allies. 

The resolution also included the arrival of humanitarian aid to the civilian population that lives in eastern Ghouta, whose life conditions have been bad for some time. Russia has commented on the use of its veto power to the UN Security Council saying that the news released by the media regarding the killing of civilians in the bombings of recent days are exaggerated and the product of a "mass psychosis".

In fact, the massacre in eastern Ghouta is well documented by videos, images and testimonies. Over the past few days, more than 250 people have been killed, the most serious budget in the Syrian war since August 2013, when the Assad regime bombed the same area with chemical weapons.

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